Monday, August 3, 2009

3A Perspective Drawing and 3B Projection Drawing

Somehow, this thought stirred in my heart quite with a hit. That whatever we do in HBP, i realize there is really a deep significant behind it, it just depends on our personality to intepret it.

The following are the pictures for my 3A drawings. Cubes are fun to draw!! and the idea of adding Wan.B! was not a thought, it was just me randomly sketching some words on the blocks since i feel its a little ordinary.. so didn't think it will end up this way.

1st sheet
2nd sheet
and the final sheet.

The story i wrote in the 100x100 was simple, but precisely showed what i saw i guess. I wrote the idea of perspective being applied in life. The titles are, the future bold perspective, the surprise perspective, and finally, exhibition perspective.

What i wrote was that, life is just like that, we could sketch so detail for the nearer part to you, which i translate it as, the present. But if you were to sketch the object at the further edge, things are not vivid. The message is simple, be detailed and precise with the way you are today, while for the future, you could sketch it, and dream about it, but do not indulge yourself too much because the present is more important than the future. =P

Next up! Projection Drawing!
I will update more about the idea behind the materials and design of our obelisk design.
This is my handed in assignment, you could guess what is the idea perhaps?

Obelisk design is such an exciting process! More pics up soon! yo!