Friday, July 24, 2009

Visible-Invisible ; Seen-Unseen PRIVACY

Hi home!
Welcome to another weekly friday motivation talk.
Owh man i realise i love Fridays so much. Such as next week we will be having Dr Nora speaking about Vision & Rules. It is like... A more effective Moral study? haha. Loving it.

So... presenting this week's!
Dr Ilias!
Visible Invisible ; Seen-Unseen PRIVACY.
I must say the slideshows definitely have their very own mysterious message behind. Even though i could not really come out with a conclusion about what I have learnt, but i guess it is about personality and environment.
Infact this has been something I've been playing around in the Philosophy World. Many times we talk about being ourselves and stand out, speak out and act out and reach out for ourselves. I have seen many scenarios, but when people overdoing it, they seclude themselves from so many things, and totally, they tried to be DIFFERENT from others, now that is a wrong idea. Trying to be independent and not to stray with the crowd's Idea does not come to a conclusion of trying to be DIFFERENT. You will end out just a total separation with the crowd and you find a social block instead an idea block at the genesis thought.

Another thing is that, he reminded me about SWOT. Something which i learnt from AIESEC conference, it stands for Strength Weakness Opportunity TimeFrame. To put it to a further idea, i think SWOT is not only useful when it comes to decision making, but the whole life, the whole week's plan, SWOT definitely will make it easier. Timeframe is actually the one i am focusing on, especially when this time of Uni life many stuffs and contacts flowing in and out so fast.

Linking back to the topic of environment and personality, it comes to this favourite quote of mine.


I really dislike it when some people think too highly of themselves. I will rather pay respect to people who are influenced easily. Thinking about the personality i am today, i guess i will just say one thing, i am glad that I am who i am today, and at least i know what i am for today, and my directions in life. that is to motivate others too. cheers =P