Friday, July 24, 2009


This assignment... is certainly one of the most fun and simple one actually, but i guess it is my complicated mindset changed it around =/ Should not use clay at first, but i guess i was a little rushing time so no choice.

Anyways! Few things i prepared to finish up this mask!
  1. Tapioca Flour
  2. Glue
  3. Newspaper/papers
  4. water
  5. poster colour
  6. clay
First step, opened up the clay package and Kneading it till flatten.
then, after getting the face shape and dried for one hour, it was left to dry for a day.and then time for the paper mache to roll in. I guess the problem is my glue solution is not well mixed in the first stage.

And then here comes the final surface touch, pasting white paper for easier visibility of painting.
and then the colouring step. with buncho Poster Colour, And i guess i have a dark tone skin haha.
and then some final drying. and done!
If you have noticed, the problem arises when i rushed the part after my clay has dried. I guess the lesson i have learnt from this assignment is that some things could not be rushed but time demanding. sigh* i guess i will redo. Jin Bang quoted my mask looks more to a character in the police story movie, where the gang wears mask and does crime. haha puts me into laugh!

p/s so gonna do another one. ish!