Friday, July 17, 2009

Existence? Really? How Sure?

Hi World again! =)
owh well truly green picture of USM, awesome!
Presenting the mind driller of the day,
Mr Wan Burhannudin!

His task is easy, elaborate your idea of existence in less than 100 words.
owh well 100 words is just a so short limit for me.

But well here it goes....

I think, therefore I am
Mr Wan mentioned that along with the involvement of the 6 thinking process, as long we think, we do exist, because we are the product as quoted..
But he gave a question... what if we are sleeping? does that mean we are not existed?
I guess i could define existence by this then..
In common usage, existence is the world of which we are aware through our senses
So when we are asleep or unconscious, we could just say that it is a different perception from existence.

Also Mr Wan questioned us about if our existence does really matter, compared to a super large scale galaxy? we are just merely a matter of dust to it. so do we really matter after all? Is our existence recognized after all?

My answer is straight. Because for what i believe is what i am today, that God created us to be in this universe so we do matter. but in my another version of explanation, if you do not know your purpose of life, then i guess you do not exist. Because you are not thinking the initial thought of all thoughts, what are you here in life for? seriously.

Then you could move on to your existence definition. just my 2 sens.