Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1B [Me Myself and I ]

Heh home!

All right at first sight I found this assignment a little complicating because i did not really have the real idea and instructions to guide with to produce this piece of work. But i somehow just realised that i am in this characteristics, which is I tend to...

Make easy things complicated, make complicated things easy.

So when Mr Wan Burhannudin suggested and gave instruction for the assignment, it looks like everyone has the idea of a square black border, a formal picture,and few proper equal distanced hand written lines... but looks like I am totally out of it..
He mentioned that...
The more questions you question , the lesser freedom you get
So i had the idea that he wants us to try something different and go against the tradisional trend of follow solid instructions. He wants us to express our creativity with no boundaries i guess...

So yea and there goes my product. And if you have noticed, i did not write an essay or sort of stuffs, I guess i am a blogger for around 5 years already, and i actually dislike reading essays for self introduction page of a blogger. My style was easy, short and precise, and talk about your philosophy part of your life rather than decribing your personalities so people could define you by their very own ways =P