Monday, July 20, 2009

2B Man Made Structure

Hi Home!

So, after completing our natural structure sketch, i was initially thinking that we were to do another direct sketch of man made structure. And things got so interested when Mr Wan Burhannudin suggested that we find a square window of 250x250 dimension to design a man made structure from the shape and angle for the nature. And this is what i got!

At first i was thinking about lamp. or some sort of building. but later when i discover out that it could function as a multi function lounge and the promote the usage of eco friendly products, that certainly did not make me hesitate to be inspired. You have got display shelves, lounge, understorage cabinets and display lamps around. What else could be better?
I must admit that the idea had somehow blended me into the Interior Designing thoughts haha.
and on a brighter note, here is the logo that we are suppose to design =)

Well but certainly i hope i could have done much more better! =/
and water colour random play today was awesome! so inspired me to draw again when i was back in room. looks like many people got misunderstood by the concept of water colour including me! I did too detailed, oil painting perhaps?