Friday, July 24, 2009

Visible-Invisible ; Seen-Unseen PRIVACY

Hi home!
Welcome to another weekly friday motivation talk.
Owh man i realise i love Fridays so much. Such as next week we will be having Dr Nora speaking about Vision & Rules. It is like... A more effective Moral study? haha. Loving it.

So... presenting this week's!
Dr Ilias!
Visible Invisible ; Seen-Unseen PRIVACY.
I must say the slideshows definitely have their very own mysterious message behind. Even though i could not really come out with a conclusion about what I have learnt, but i guess it is about personality and environment.
Infact this has been something I've been playing around in the Philosophy World. Many times we talk about being ourselves and stand out, speak out and act out and reach out for ourselves. I have seen many scenarios, but when people overdoing it, they seclude themselves from so many things, and totally, they tried to be DIFFERENT from others, now that is a wrong idea. Trying to be independent and not to stray with the crowd's Idea does not come to a conclusion of trying to be DIFFERENT. You will end out just a total separation with the crowd and you find a social block instead an idea block at the genesis thought.

Another thing is that, he reminded me about SWOT. Something which i learnt from AIESEC conference, it stands for Strength Weakness Opportunity TimeFrame. To put it to a further idea, i think SWOT is not only useful when it comes to decision making, but the whole life, the whole week's plan, SWOT definitely will make it easier. Timeframe is actually the one i am focusing on, especially when this time of Uni life many stuffs and contacts flowing in and out so fast.

Linking back to the topic of environment and personality, it comes to this favourite quote of mine.


I really dislike it when some people think too highly of themselves. I will rather pay respect to people who are influenced easily. Thinking about the personality i am today, i guess i will just say one thing, i am glad that I am who i am today, and at least i know what i am for today, and my directions in life. that is to motivate others too. cheers =P


This assignment... is certainly one of the most fun and simple one actually, but i guess it is my complicated mindset changed it around =/ Should not use clay at first, but i guess i was a little rushing time so no choice.

Anyways! Few things i prepared to finish up this mask!
  1. Tapioca Flour
  2. Glue
  3. Newspaper/papers
  4. water
  5. poster colour
  6. clay
First step, opened up the clay package and Kneading it till flatten.
then, after getting the face shape and dried for one hour, it was left to dry for a day.and then time for the paper mache to roll in. I guess the problem is my glue solution is not well mixed in the first stage.

And then here comes the final surface touch, pasting white paper for easier visibility of painting.
and then the colouring step. with buncho Poster Colour, And i guess i have a dark tone skin haha.
and then some final drying. and done!
If you have noticed, the problem arises when i rushed the part after my clay has dried. I guess the lesson i have learnt from this assignment is that some things could not be rushed but time demanding. sigh* i guess i will redo. Jin Bang quoted my mask looks more to a character in the police story movie, where the gang wears mask and does crime. haha puts me into laugh!

p/s so gonna do another one. ish!

Monday, July 20, 2009

2B Man Made Structure

Hi Home!

So, after completing our natural structure sketch, i was initially thinking that we were to do another direct sketch of man made structure. And things got so interested when Mr Wan Burhannudin suggested that we find a square window of 250x250 dimension to design a man made structure from the shape and angle for the nature. And this is what i got!

At first i was thinking about lamp. or some sort of building. but later when i discover out that it could function as a multi function lounge and the promote the usage of eco friendly products, that certainly did not make me hesitate to be inspired. You have got display shelves, lounge, understorage cabinets and display lamps around. What else could be better?
I must admit that the idea had somehow blended me into the Interior Designing thoughts haha.
and on a brighter note, here is the logo that we are suppose to design =)

Well but certainly i hope i could have done much more better! =/
and water colour random play today was awesome! so inspired me to draw again when i was back in room. looks like many people got misunderstood by the concept of water colour including me! I did too detailed, oil painting perhaps?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Existence? Really? How Sure?

Hi World again! =)
owh well truly green picture of USM, awesome!
Presenting the mind driller of the day,
Mr Wan Burhannudin!

His task is easy, elaborate your idea of existence in less than 100 words.
owh well 100 words is just a so short limit for me.

But well here it goes....

I think, therefore I am
Mr Wan mentioned that along with the involvement of the 6 thinking process, as long we think, we do exist, because we are the product as quoted..
But he gave a question... what if we are sleeping? does that mean we are not existed?
I guess i could define existence by this then..
In common usage, existence is the world of which we are aware through our senses
So when we are asleep or unconscious, we could just say that it is a different perception from existence.

Also Mr Wan questioned us about if our existence does really matter, compared to a super large scale galaxy? we are just merely a matter of dust to it. so do we really matter after all? Is our existence recognized after all?

My answer is straight. Because for what i believe is what i am today, that God created us to be in this universe so we do matter. but in my another version of explanation, if you do not know your purpose of life, then i guess you do not exist. Because you are not thinking the initial thought of all thoughts, what are you here in life for? seriously.

Then you could move on to your existence definition. just my 2 sens.

2A Natural Structure

Hi World =)
Natural - Existing in or in conformity with nature or the observable world; neither supernatural nor magical.
Structure- A thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts

Almost everyone had the idea of drawing tree, so did i.
And many questioned about sketching leaves, owh well i just scribble through?

I actually love it when Mr Rusli Jamaluddin mentioned that we need to free our mind and sketch the hardlines freely. I guess i did not really do so. and yea every sketches finishes with a signature, well even though for a newb like me =P
well at least i felt i did my best though, I have learnt a lot from the comment session from the studiomasters and i guess i got the geez of what they are searching for. Well at least i have learnt something from there...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1A part 2: Big Bang 2009!

Welcome to the Big Bang 2009 =P
Enjoy the pictures!

Futsal Evening....

Paper Tower Creativity =)
Protecting The Egg! Fly!!!

Big Bang Formal Night